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Dearest Yogi Family & Friends

When I was 12yrs old, I played first team hockey..can you guess what position???

GOALIE (I was dedicated… even if it meant splits between posts to block any attempts at a goal)

But back then, I could’nt do open splits….but everyday, while the team warmed-up I would sit in the stretches (never called it yoga) it was flexibility training.

It amazed me how quickly I could do the things I once could’nt…..the girls in my hostel (I was in boarding school) witnessed my zero to hero flexibilty and before long

we were having group stretching sessions (it seemed everyone wanted to do the splits!!)

And you know what….those who practiced DID!!

The moral of my shared memory is that…

if you really want to melt tight hamstrings, YOU CAN!

here is what you need to do and why!!

The hamstring muscle group consists of the semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris muscles.

Tight hamstrings can cause many problems from sciatica, back pain, sacroiliac joint pain to postural problems. The shortened muscles pull on the hips causing the pelvis to rotate flattening the lower back and creating pelvic distortion.


Yoga has been hailed the cure for tight hamstrings
(and for anything else thats tight too)

but the truth is, if you are going to a power vinyasa flow class you will never improve your hamstring flexibility. Contraction leads to more contraction unless you dedicate time to stretching!!

To truly make the flexi changes desired, you need Pose-Focussed Yoga with long holds.

Watch this video once through, then do it daily!

The Tight Hamstring Cure 9 mins daily!! (filmed last night just for you!)

If you would like a print out of the poses all you need to do is:

Practice this 9 mins sequence everyday for 7 days…then reply to this email saying:

Please send me the print out of poses from The Tight Hamstring Cure video!!!
I have done this video for 7 days now and feel ……….(fill in the gap)

Final Words….

Take care of your body…. you will reep the benefits today, tomorrow and into all your next chapters!

PS. It also feels sooooo CRAZY good to MELT out that tension RIGHT!!

Who wants to live in Pinochio’s body?

That’s why I teach “Moving Energy” yoga…its the best way to body freedom!
It is not just any yoga….IT IS yoga to HEAL the body!!!
(and mind and yup, your spirit too)
Wishing you a Happy Hamstring Journey

I am here for you and if you cannot do it alone book a SKYPE SESSION with me!

Sonia x