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The Kg Hypnobirthing Course was the greatest choice I ever made. I recommend it to my dearest family, friends and now to you. It is a course that will positively change your birth experience, which will affect you, your baby and those around you forever. The value of this is beyond measure. Hypnobirthing mothers treasure their birth experiences, so profoundly that many go on to teach Hypnobirthing. The thing is, it really works!!!

This life-changing course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. It’s not only about Hypnobirthing, it is a complete antenatal education, although you will learn all the wonderful tips and tools you’ll need for the best possible birth. Whether that birth is a natural choice or if something arises that requires a different route, you will be calm, confident and equipped with all the knowledge needed to make the best choice for you and your baby.

Sonia For HB.ME

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Mum and Dad begin parenthood with making these vital choices for baby’s birth. You cannot make INFORMED choices on things you are not informed. KG hypnobirthing teaches you what you need to know and helps you understand the whole birth journey. Many “Routine Interventions” have now been abolished. With new research and great associations campaigning for womans birth rights i.e. AIMS, woman are now reclaiming their freedom to birth as they wish.
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The Parents Course

What You Learn

To release fear and restore inner confidence

To understand The fear-tension- pain cycle

Breathing techniques for Labour

Deep relaxations and powerful visualisations

Understanding the how the mind effects the body

The sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system

Birth Positions during labour

Complete Birth physiology

Hormones & part they play

Stages of Labour

Medications & interventions

How other woman birth easily and often pain-free

A simple practice to support you at home

Comforting massage

Dad (or birth partner) is positively encouraged to attend & is a very important part of your birth experience


Group Parents Course: £240 (London NW8)
Saturday, 4 Feb 2017 – St Johns Wood
Saturday, 18 March 2017 – St Johns Wood

Skype Private Parents Course: £310 (Worldwide)
eBook/CD for outside UK
Date to be approved

Private Parents Course: £340 (London NW8 surround)
Date to be approved

What You Get

The Hypnobirthing Book

The Hypnobirthing cd, colour and calmness

A folder of handouts to guide your practice at home

Bonus Birth-Prep Yoga Sequences x 4

New Research

Baby’s immune system is boosted by the Microbiome in moms birth canal, knowing this, allows us to understand the value of nature’s way.
If a c-section is needed there are ways to still give baby this boost

The Vernix (cream that covers baby at birth) is a vital immune protector.
Knowing this allows us to put into our birth plans that we do not wish to have baby “cleaned” after birth

Episiotomy – woman were routinely cut in childbirth.
Thankfully this is no longer routine in many countries, but it is still valuable to understand what it is, what the research shows, why it was/is done and how you can avoid it

In years to come we will no doubt be amazed by the colossal benefits of doing things nature’s way and many of the old routine protocols
i.e. episiotomies, will be abolished for good.

Fallon Testimonial

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The Easy Birth program gave my partner and I such a beautiful, positive birth experience. Our little Blake arrived in a quick 4 hours and had a completely natural birth journey into the world. I used all the calming/breathing/moving techniques Sonia taught us. Sonia’s warm/positive energy is infectious and we couldn’t be happier with how the whole process went thanks to her guidance. She is even baby Blake’s God Mother now!

Manon Bevan, London