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The actress, journalist, yogi and entrepreneur Sonia Doubell joins us to talk about the importance of being present, her recent inspiration to drink the plant teacher Ayahuasca, incorporating meditation into your daily life, why she became a vegan, the use of yoga and the energy of one’s body, and how she thinks London Real is super cool.

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There is no better time to turn your awareness inward and connect to your body and your baby. Growing a healthy, happy baby requires you to be relaxed and happy through your pregnancy. Around the world woman report their amazing accounts of exquisite birth experiences because of hypnobirthing and yoga. I personally can’t think of any better way than with “Moving Energy” yoga. It’s gentle, connected and intuitive. This practice is the ultimate preparation for birth. I have created some video’s to get you started no matter where you are in the world. I wish you a beautiful pregnancy and an EASY BIRTH.

Why "Meditation" - Sonia Doubell

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Sonia Doubell shares..Why “Meditation” .Returning to what is real,connecting to the beauty of NOW and breathing into the presence of life. Allow yourself this daily practice of being to truly wake up to your life and purpose. Love & Light..xSonia


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Do you remember a time in your life when you felt so happy, without a care or worry in the world…maybe when you were 5yrs old right? haha..Well, Yoga is a way to discover the “YOU” that’s hiding beneath the all the stuff we think we should be, have or do, to be OK with who we are. When we learn to feel into our bodies, listen to our inner voice and connect to the real Bigger Picture. Shifts happen and we get to discover that Joy & Freedom we left behind, somewhere way back. We get to awaken again to our true calling, our Dharma. I believe in the Power of Yoga and that’s why I started this YouTube channel. To share it with YOU, so wherever you are in this beautiful world, you can make a start.


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I dare you to watch one of Sonia’s yoga videos without being inspired to jump on the yoga bandwagon. I started taking yoga more seriously after watching several of her yummy videos on you tube which come in very handy for me as I’m constantly travelling and working. Succinct and sexy they’re perfect for those of us with little time on our hands.

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