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Candles that melt my Yogi Heart!

It was beautiful spring day in London when the door bell rang for my 1pm
(Private Yoga Class)

The studio beautifully scented with a couple hours worth of divine candle infusion after my morning class.

As she (Alex) stepped inside, she paused at the edge, inhaled deeply then asked….
(in a dreamy like tone)

“do you always light candles?”

My answer……….I do indeed!!!

So, I decided to write a blog on candles!!!

And, as one does when writing a blog…I began to ponder…

Why am I so seduced by these vortices of wax, wicks and essential oils?

Apart from the olfactory transportation to some frankincensical mystery or Jasmine infused spring garden…(which of course, would already be quite enough)….. but, was there more to this?

Fire has been at the heart of civilisation, celebration and communications for millennia and yet, today where is our fire?

Ancient cultures danced around roaring fires in ritual prayer for tomorrow’s dreams.
Fire was a sacred part of life and even today, at most spirit gatherings you will find a large roaring bon fire somewhere (and we are drawn like moths to the flame!!)

I believe this love for surrounding myself with candles comes from a deeper need to connect to nature, to that part that calls to the earth and shouts out “I am alive, we are ONE “
(I’m an African child after all…truth be I’m most comfy barefoot!)

Not many of us candle lovers think too deeply about the why…we just know we love the scent, the romance, the soft light and that very special atmosphere that only candles create.

Some candles like Owen Drew even crackle like a rustic jungle fire
(actually, that wooden wick is crackling away right now, as I write here tonight)

The world is still…its just me, surrounded by an infusion of Sandalwood and Amber and that earthy (Out of Africa) sound!

Candles are the perfect accompaniment for any style of yoga….from a gentle rejuvenating practice to a fiercely energetic one and then there is that sensuous (dare I say sexy) trans-like practice…

I think candles are chameleons…. unlike the music (oh we love the music) but it has to change to feed the spirit of the yoga practice…
(You cannot do relaxing yoga to upbeat tunes or a power practice to soothing ambience)

But candles…they melt into any occasion!!

How to choose a candle:

With so many candles out there how do you choose?

Well, as the Parks team suggest….start with what’s important to you…for example:

– Did you know you get Vegan and Non Vegan candles?

Some candles are made from stearin, purified animal fat.
Some candles are made from paraffin wax and some from soy wax.

– All candles give a beautiful light, but not all have the healing properties of expertly crafted pure blends of essential oils and fragrances ….so choose your desired effect and favorite scent!!
(its veryyy personal)

– Candles also vary in burn hours, and wick number – 1 wick or 3 wicks, 8 hrs to 100hrs
(so is the candle for the long haul or just for the night?)

So ask yourself before you buy your candles…what is important to you!!

I have gathered some of my favourite candles and listed them below with links for you to go and indulge (some discount codes too!!)

So my dear friends and family….. I invite you (us) to bring the fire, the earth and the passion back… light a candle, gaze beyond the flickering flames, breathe it in deep and awaken your primal passion….


A Poem (for you love me)
“Lets dance around these soaring flames.. wildly, together abandoning everything we think we know…beneath the silvery stars…open your heart…under the moonlit skies…meet your truth…and as the golden sun begins to rise, walk free…knowing you were born to shine”


My Favorite Candles:


Owen Drew
Sandalwood & Amber Candle
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Happiness Candle (3 wicks)

Jasmine Candle
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Parks Candles
No.3 Agarwood, Amber & Pachouli
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Jo Malone
Blackberry & Bay Candle